~ Trexon Digital Tachometers ~

TrexonŽ "Tachulator" and Digital Tachometer Mounting Examples

Trexon Tachulator in available MKCtools custom diecast enclosure mounted to lathe control switch
Tachulator on Taig lathe -- Details
Tachulator board mounted in Bridgeport control box. Sensor in custom made aluminum housing reads flats on polished hex drawbar.
Here is a link to Shawn Fitzpatrick's tach installation on his Grizzly lathe.

Grizzly G0516 external ------ Grizzly G0516 in panel
Cary King's Shopmaster Eldorado Bridgemill -- Details
ShopTask Bridgemill -- Details
Warco WM-14 install details
Atlas 12x36 lathe -- Details
Tach only module mounted in KB DC motor control. controller box. -- Details
Tachulator mounted on Sperry mini lathe. -- Details
Shopsmith Mark V -- Details
Shopsmith 10ER #2-- Details
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