SPT Drive Adapter for the 10ER

Limited supply now available

New 2013 model Mark V SPT Drive adapter for 10E/ER Shopsmith.
This custom arbor adapter and pulley replaces the existing 10ER headstock pulley. The precision machined arbor has a standard SPT drive hub permanently mounted. The new fully machined 3 step aluminum pulley is bored to fit over the arbor adapter. Once complete, the arbor and pulley are static balanced as a unit for super smooth operation.
Your pulley cover can be cut or drilled as discribed in the original 10ER documents for original Magna SPT drive pulley. I do not recommend mounting any other accessory with this adapter due to the light gauge of the 10ER drive sleeve and the distance from the nearest bearing support. This adapter is only for axial drive of SPT tools, NOT for mounting any accessories. Contact me for availability.
100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Current price $98.50 plus shipping.

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