If you have trouble with your Mark V 500 rip fence not setting up square every time, this modification could slove the problem and make the fence a joy to use and give you excellent repeatable alignment. A common problem with these fences is that the fence base casting sometimes has a hump in the middle of the surface that should rest perfectly flat on the top of the rip fence bar. That raised part of the casting causes the fence to rock and prevents it from setting up square to the table every time you lock it down. By releaving the center portion (marked by the red box) of that surface the fence will set flat on the bar. Once this is done you can realign the fence parallel to a miter slot on the table. Your fence will now lock down dead square to the table every time. I used my milling machine to do the job but you could do the same by sanding, grinding or scraping the surface. I left 1 1/4" surface on each side so that I can set the fence base with up to 1" hang over passed the table edge and still get a good stable and square mount. It works great.
I can do this mod for you for $15.00 including your return shipping.

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