10ER Tool Rest Lever Handle Upgrade

•Very nice quality 2 1/2" all metal handles
•Smooth powder coat satin finish
•Spring loaded, just pull to set
•Smooth flat tips prevent marring

Upgrade to these very nice quality diecast zinc adjustable handles for quick 10ER toolrest adjustment. 2 1/2" handles with smooth powder coat textured finish. You get quick adjustment of tool rest position with no more constantly reaching for a hex wrench. Spring loaded, once installed just pull to position so the handle is out of the way and release to engage. Then a quick twist loosens the tool rest for adjustment and another twist locks it down. Smooth flat tips prevent marring. You get one handle with short stud for the tool rest post and one with extended length stud for the tool rest arm. Not recommended for the 10E arm.
Also available with different sized studs for the Mark V tool rest.

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