10ER Rear Carriage Lock

Finally, a 10ER Rear table carriage lock.
I've been working on a design for a rear carriage lock for years. I finally came up with a design that can be easily added to or removed from the 10ER without any drilling or otherwise modifying the machine. Starting with two piece 1.75" steel collar I fabricate and weld a hook onto the lower half of the collar. I used a ratchet lever handle welded to one of the collar cap screws so the lock can be easily tightened and loosened. The handle can be positioned where ever needed by lifting and turning. After some testing I needed to add the two little springs to release the tension on the upper half of the collar when loosened so that the carriage will slide freely. This thing works like a charm and completely eliminates all carriage movement when locked.

One critical point in the design is the length of the hook welded to the lower half of the collar. Notice the gap between the lower half of the collar and the way tube. That gap is necessary so that the collar never comes in contact with the tube on the lower side allowing the upper half of the collar to push down on the tube and pull the hook up against the carriage. To mount the lock just hold the lower half in place, set the two springs in place and mount the upper half.

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