Mark V to 10ER Table Adapter Project.

This is one way you can use a Mark V table and extension table on your 10ER. Front and rear table adapter plates and the extension table adapter must be made to allow the tables to be bolted to the 10ER supports. I used a piece of 3/8" x 1 1/2" steel bar stock for the front trunnion adapter and 1" x 1" aluminum block for the rear. You can then bolt on the Mark V table and take advantage of the larger table, self-centering ripfence, 10" saw blades and saw guards, Mark V miter gage, front table extension, ect. In order to center the table slot under the spindle in drill press mode a small notch must be cut in the left side of the table to clear the table carriage. Adapter plates are machined to position the Mark V table on the 10ER table carriage. The table position had to be moved back and to the left to center the saw blade slot to the blade mounted on the 10ER. Same with the extension table plus adapting from 2 hole to 4. It seems to work great except for the 10" blade can only be used for 90 cuts. Because of the larger size of the Mark V lower saw guard, to tilt the table for bevel cuts, an 8" blade with a different lower saw guard must be used. I had to slice off 1/2" of the lower saw guard casting to get table tiebar clearance so that the saw blade would be centered in the table insert.
I have sold this adapter set and I am not making any more of these for sale.

The adapter brackets

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