Lower dust collector for 10ER

I'm still working on a 10E/10ER lower saw dust collector. It will mount to stop rod collar casting on quill. Currently it will do straight cut and dados in normal fashion and angle cuts with a special offset table insert. It has a standard 2 1/4" shop vac port. Welded steel construction and painted blue/gray. Designed for 8" max blades and dado stack. Gets most of the sawdust depending on the depth of cut and the power of the dust collector. Also works much better if you use the upper guard modified as show on the upper guard mod page. 10ER Upper guard mod The steel mounting collar keeps the table from going all the way down and cost around 5/16" depth of cut. That gives around 2 1/4" max depth of cut with an 8" blade. Still a work in progress. The sides are 1" taller now to get more dust. Call or email for current price and lead time.

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