Expert Shopsmith Repair Service Since 1995

I offer a wide range of repair and restoration services including the following and much more:


10ER headstock overhaul: $85.00 plus parts
10ER quill overhaul: $35.00 plus parts
10ER drive sleeve overhaul: $25.00 plus parts
Electric motor service: $85.00 plus parts

Mark V

Shopsmith Mark V headstock overhaul: $125.00 plus parts
Mark V electric motor service: $85.00 plus parts
Double bearing quill upgrade:
14 spline poly v: $135.00 (Your quill upgraded $105.00)
6 spline gilmer: $165.00 (Your quill upgraded $135.00)
The Gilmer quills require more machining. Includes two new high quality bearings
Original single bearing quills, gilmer or poly-v, machined for addition of rear bearing and new front and rear bearings installed.

All prices are plus return shipping.
Fedex Ground shipping for a headstock from anywhere in the 48 US is generally less than 60.00 each way. Exact return shipping charge furnished on request.
For estimates contact me by emial or call 817-319-2297.

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