Mark V dedicated drill press conversion for Michael Strom. The stand is heavy gage 1 1/2 x 2" square tubing MIG welded with a 13 gage steel plate top. To facilitate caster and pad mounting two pieces of Unistrut were used on the lower left and right frame members. Also, heavy channel iron supports under the top and welded angle iron brackets for mounting the Mark V pivot base through existing screw holes. Fixed casters in the rear and wide spaced swivel casters in front with screw down pads to keep it in place. A drawer was added for storage on full extension ball bearing guides. To make the Mark V more drill press oriented the motor was changed to a 1725 rpm full 1 HP (15 amp vs the SS 13.5 amp) Dayton motor. A special plate (not yet painted) was fabricated to mount the motor and a Lovejoy variable sheave mounted to work with the existing MarkV speed control. The belt guard will be modified to cover the entire belt, pulley and shaft of the motor but the motor itself will remain exposed. In the present configuration the speed range is 400 to 3000 rpm. It seems to work great but it will have to prove itself through more testing.

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