Mark V 500 Double Wide Extension Table

The wide 7" Mark V 500 extension table is a great improvement over the original. However, they are expensive even if you can find a used one. I had several spare original 4 1/4" wide original extension tables so I decided to try putting two of them together to make a wide version. I milled the mating edges square and drilled four holes to join them and made a nice, flat 8 1/2" wide extension table. To spread the load and center the bracket a little better I cut two mounting adapters from 1" x 1/4" stock, 5 1/8" long. I welded in an extra flat head 3/8" x 16 bolt to pick up one side of the mounting base and the other goes through the bracket into the table as shown. It worked out very well. I don't have a Mark V and just did this to see how it would work and it turned out really sweet.

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