Mark V Access Hole

Some early Mark Vs did not have the maintenance access hole under the logo plate on the rear of the headstock. Here is one procedure for modifying them for easier maintenance. I did this on a stripped headstock casting so the metal shavings would not get into the motor.
1. With the logo in place, draw a line around the outside of the logo plate.
2. Remove the plate and draw a second line about 1/16 to 1/8" inside the original line.
3. On your second (inside) line, make small bumps above and below each of the original mounting holes. Leave only about 1/8" metal on each side of the holes.
4. With a 3/16" or 1/4" bit, drill a ring of holes through the casting just inside the inner line. Make the holes touch each other so that you won't have to do much cutting to remove the center. I used a hack saw blade to cut through the small remaining bridges.
5. Use a rotary file or burr in a drill or preferably, a die grinder, to smooth out the inside of the hole. Be carefull to not remove the metal just above and below each of the original mounting holes for alingment of the cover( unless you are going to use screws through the cover to attach it as described below). After grinding I used a small flap sander to smooth the inside and outside edges of the hole. I have large hands and just can get them in this sized hole. Sharp edges will rip you hide off.
6. You might be able to find a used logo cover with the spring mount. I used some small twist lock fasteners to hold the plate on. I think you can get them at McMaster's. I got mine at a flea market. For an easier mount you could leave a half circle boss at the top and bottom of the hole and put screws through the cover to hold it on.

You may also want to check the contol sheave and motor sliding sheave for the oil hole in the collar of the sheave. Some early models did not have the oil hole. If not, remove the sheaves and drill a 1/8" hole in the collar next to the sheave.