Jet Metal Bandsaw

Jet metal cutting band saw model HVBS-463
The first thing I did was to replace the sheet metal stand with one of heavy angle iron. I added casters on the back and a handle to the front for easy moving and a metal handwheel replacement for the oringal plastic one.

Next came the cookie sheet chip catcher which gets about 80% so I don't have to sweep as often. Then I added a T handle on the vise angle adjustment and did some work on the nut and slot so it moves easily. I scribed a line on the base for 45 cuts. Also added the common bolt in the front vise face for short pieces.

I do over half of my work in vertical mode and found out quickly that mounting and unmounting the original table was a pain. I used the little plate that came with the saw for years before finally designing a lager one that would not get in the way of horizontal cutting. It is a piece of 1/4" steel plate 5" x 5" with the corner cut for clearance. I am very pleased with how it works so far. I'm working on a small sliding V block for small pieces that will work with the table and some other modifications. I use a lube stick and have never found a need for coolant that would overcome the hassle and mess. It still has the original 1/2 HP motor with no problems so far and plenty of power. I also have not found pressing need for a replacement for the spring downfeed control but I may add it anyway just for kicks.

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