"Jack Shaft made compatible to Mark V Shopsmith"

Here are a couple of jack shafts made for the Mark V Shopsmith (500 or 510/520). The basic plan was taken for an old article from Popular Science magazine. It uses 2" and 7" pulleys to step the speed of the bandsaw down for cutting metal and plastics.
The first is made from an old cast iron arbor with new bearings. All pulleys and hardware are new. The second is made from salvaged flang bearings mounted on angle brackets. The base is 3/4" oak plywood. The U-bolts are covered with clear plastic tubing to protect the bench tubes. It has a sloted adjuster made from a hasp for belt tensioning. Both turned out nicely and work great except I think they should have belt guards for safe operation. These could be made by any local sheet metal shop or by adapting the SS addon tool plastic belt guards.

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