I made this setup for my Crafstman sharpening jig (made by General for Sears). The 1/3 HP split phase motor supplies plenty of power. I'm using a side mounted stone now but used a regular 6 aluminum oxide wheel for years. Heavy grinding on the side of a regular grinding wheel is not recommend. Use caution, eye and face protection when doing any grinding operation. You have the added advantage of standing to the side of the wheel with this setup. The base is a piece of channel with 3/4x3/4" angle welded on each end and mounted with rubber feet. I welded pieces of strap steel on each side of the jig base to keep it perpendicular to the wheel face and allow for adjustment. If you take your time and do very light passes this jig works great. It will not, however, do split point drills.
Update: There was a great article in Home Shop Machinist magazine Jan/Feb 2003 about these sharpening jigs with tips on operation and modifications for improvement.
Skip Campbell

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