My Shopsmith desk lamp.
I found an old lamp from an old gas range at a flea market for 1.00. It was white and just like the one on the stove we had when I was a kid. I remember it well because the stove also had an electrical outlet just below the lamp. I was about five and had already started 'investigating' things. (tearing things up is what I was accused of). I found an old cord from an electric iron in the bottom cabinet drawer. It had frayed bare wires on the end but the plug was still good. I pushed a chair over to the stove and climbed up to perform my experiment. I plugged the cord into the outlet. After a short fireworks show everything went black. Hmmmm. Very interesting. Then my mom yelled, "Don't Move!". I then became aware that I could be in trouble. Anyway, I saw this old lamp and had to have it. Since it had no base, I started thinking of a way to make it into a functioning desk lamp. Here is the result. A defective Mark V table carriage had just the right curve to mount the lamp and there was a perfect flat spot for the Shopsmith logo plate. I have since added plugs in the way tube holes.
Skip Campbell