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Wedge Lock Repair

Repair of later model single type wedges:
Many times the wedge slot is mashed together so you can't get if off the handle. To spread the slot I use a 1/4" diameter punch laid into the slot. I use a wooden V block to hold the wedge. Tap with a hammer until the punch goes into the slot. Remove the punch. The slot will still be tight but you can twist the wedge partly out and use the punch to pry it off as shown below left. I don't like to spread the slot any more than necessary because it could break the wedge.

For both early two piece and late single wedges to help prevent sticking:
Remove the mashed portion of the angle of the wedge using the belt or disc sander or you can use a file. Set the wedge against the sanding belt or disc with the lower good angle part parallel with the belt as shown. See the back edge of the belt. The gap at the front between the wedge and the belt is what has to be removed. Push the wedge into the sanding belt at an angle along it's axis as indicated by the arrow and remove the metal part shown by the red outline so that the original flat angle portion is restored. (see photo below)
One additional consideration is that if you have to remove very much material to get the wedge surface back to the original angle, the inside end of the single piece wedge may bottom in the hole before the wedge tightens on the way tube. For two piece wedges, they may hit end to end before tightening. In that case you must grind some off the end of the wedges so they don't hit each other or bottom in the hole.
There is usually a slight birm on the outer edge of the mashed part of the wedge and at the front end where the washer presses against the wedge. I remove that on the belt sander as shown above so the wedge slides easily in the hole in the headstock and carriage castings.

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