I made this one using a Shopsmith SPT guard made for using the SPTs on a stand with their own motor. The cast aluminum guard must have been designed by Magna America because it has their emblem cast in to it. However, all of them I have seen have the splatter finish gray paint which was used By Shopsmith, Inc. Remaking the molds to eliminate the Magna logo must not have been cost effective. Fortunate for us Magna lovers. This one is a little on the over engineered side and won't be produced for sale. I used a piece of 1/4" aluminum plate as a base and after cutting it to fit, drilled and tapped 4x40 holes in the edge of the plate for mounting the casting. A heavy piece of aluminum angle was use for the mounting bracket and #10 button head cap screws to mount it to the plate. Then I formed the .090 aluminum sheet for the belt guard to fit the contour of the inside of the casting and to fit down between the way tubes with about 1/2" clearance. More 4x40 screws held it to the 1/4" plate plus three pop rivets across the front of the casting. The lower guard is simialar but did not require the 1/4" plate. It mounts with the mounting bracket supplied with the Magna cast guards. It looks and works beautifully.

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