Mark V 500 Shaper/Drum Sander Insert Mod

The Mark V drum shaper/drum sander table insert can easily be modified to fit the 10ER. Lay an original 10ER insert face down on top of the Mark V insert making sure it is exactly centered. Trace the outline of the ends and screw holes. Cut and sand to size and shape. Now on the back side, sand or grind the ribs to match those on the oringinal insert leaving about 3/4" flat area. Then drill and countersink the mounting holes. The Mark V blank and molding head inserts can also be modified in this way to fit the 10ER. The Mark V version is only slightly thinner than the 10ER but Do Not over tighten the mounting screws on any 10ER insert. No more than 1/8 turn after it touches down is all that is necessary. Will the real 10ER insert please stand up!

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