10ER #83509 Walter Matthews

10ER Shopsmith serial # 83509 of Walter Matthews, Dallas, Texas. It was built by Magna Engineering Corporation in about 1953 and custom restored by M K Campbell Jr. MKC Tools in the year of our Lord 2001. Restoration process started in Feb. 2001 and finished in late June. The machine was totally disassembled and all parts bead blasted to remove rust, paint, dirt, and aluminum corrosion. Cast iron parts were painted with a gray hammer finish paint. The locking handles, spring housing and dial, rip fence bars and saw guard bracket were chrome plated. All other bare metal parts were black oxided (cold process) and coated with T-9 rust preventer. This included the saw table support rods, pinion shaft, caster parts and all hardware such as snap rings, set screws, ect. New Fafnir bearings were installed in the drive sleeve and quill. The bench top is solid 5/4 oak stained with clear poly finish. It is a complete machine with all standard accessories plus speed changer, factory metal bench legs and castors. The last 2 pictures are what the machine looked like when Walter brought it to me. Enjoy Walter! and thank you!

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