10 Lathe Dulicator Mod

Converting the Mark V lathe dulicator to the 10ER is a realatively easy modification. The clamps that hold the attachment to the way tubes must be modified to fit the 10ER way tube spacing. I simply laid a 10ER tie bar over the clamps and traced the profile, then used a die grinder to carve out the new form. Because I didn't want to modifiy the original table (in case someone wanted the attachment for a Mark V) I made a new table using pipe fittings and a piece of counter top. I had to turn the 3/4" pipe down a bit to fit the carraige holes. That's it. Those are the only changes needed to make it work on the 10ER. For converting the original table you would just need to replace the rods with 1" diameter rods adapted to the 1 1/4" hole in the original brackets. One other thing I considered was adding some blocks to the bottom of the table to rest on the way tubes to position the table at the proper height plus add stability.

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