10ER Grinder Attachment

Here is a guard from a 6" bench grinder that I found at a flea market for 50 cents. I attached a 1.75" ID steel collar with some steel spacers to mount the guard on the 10ER quill. A single or double split collar can be used. Drill and tap holes in the collar for the mounting screws. I used 10 x 24 screws with 5/8" long steel spacers to position the guard to the grinding wheel. As you can see in the second photo I redrilled the holes to have the three screws in the back half of the steel collar. Depending on the guard design you might have adjust the length of the spacers. Start by mounting the steel collar on the quill. With a grinding stone mounted on the 10ER universal arbor hold the guard centered over the wheel to to determine the length of the spacers needed. The 10ER tool rest is used for the grinder rest but a custom tool rest could be made. I suggest covering the carriage and way tubes when grinding metal on the 10ER. Let me know if you have any questions.

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