Fix for rip fence lateral movement.
In 1952 Magna introduced an upgrade for the rip fence. The knob was angled down so that it was easier to get to when a board was laying on the saw table next to the fence. The problem with this "upgrade" (above left) was that the end of the threaded stud that tightened on the rip fence bar tended to move the fence as it was being tightened. That problem was fixed after a few months production and I am sure after many complaints. The factory fix (above rigth) added a small cast wedge to the end of the threaded stud so there was no side movement against the bar to move the fence. I have come up with a fix for those fences without the wedge on the bolt (see below). It is a thin stainless steel sheet with a small aluminum stud to hold it in place in the rip fence base casting. I found this at a small used tool store in Dallas but it could be made from a piece of brass shim stock. I had to drill a small hole about 1/8" deep in the inside of the casting for the aluminum stud. If brass shim stock is used you could secure it with a small flat head screw. That's it. No more lateral movement of the fence. This modification would probably help the original horizontal knob fence as well preventing movement when the screw seats over the fence bar mounting screws.

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