1951 model 10ER custom restored Shopsmith

Presenting 10ER Shopsmith serial #48843 built by Magna Engineering Corp. in 1951 in San Francisco, CA. This machine looks showroom new but is a real work horse in the shop. Learn more at the Shopsmith 10ER users group on Yahoo groups. Over 125,000 of these machines were sold from 1947 through 1953. Now you can have a piece of history as well as a great addition or start for your wood shop. Basic functions include table saw, disc sander, lathe, drill press and horizontal boring machine. This machine is one of, if not the, most versatile woodworking machines every built and you will be hard pressed to find one in better condition than this one.

Restoration process started in 1997 and took approximately eight months to complete with painstaking attention to detail and too many hours to count. It was totally disassembled and all parts bead blasted to remove rust, paint, dirt, and aluminum corrosion. Cast iron parts were painted with a beautiful hard gray hammer finish paint. The way tubes, locking handles, spring housing and dial and rip fence bars were chrome plated. All other bare metal parts were black oxided (cold process) and coated with T-9 rust preventative. This included the saw table support rods, pinion shaft, caster parts and all hardware such as snap rings and set screws. New bearings were installed in the drive sleeve and quill. The bench top is a laminated pine with clear poly finish. It has the original A.O. Smith 3/4 HP motor with new bearings, wiring, switch and 9' power cord. Also equipped with original 10ER speed changer in excellent condition, new cnc machined motor and headstock pulleys and new Good Year high efficiency belts. The last picture is what the machine looked like when I got it. It is the complete 10ER standard accessory package; 12" sanding disc, miter gage, rip fence, drill chuck and key, like new 40 tooth carbide saw blade, saw blade/dado arbor, lathe tool rest, spur center, live center and manual. Also includes the following accessories: Speed changer, original factory stand and casters, shaper arbor and collar set, extra 5/8" and 1/2" arbors, late model 5 piece turning chisel set, 3 3/4" lathe face plate, drum sander, three piece T-handle allen wrench set, new direct drive belt (not shown), late model SS push block and push stick.
This unit sold in 2004.

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